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The Shrinking Tim

Tim started losing weight in late August using the patented method (you read it here first) of "eat less, exercise more". Here are some snapshots of progress (click on thumnail).


Fractint web page

Fractint Developer's Home Page
Fractint is the classic DOS-based fractal generator program. We hope we'll get it ported to a decent 32 bit environment before DOS dies ... :-) The fractint developer site is mirrored on my home machine.

Dietrich's Web Page

My son Dietrich Wegner teaches Art at Edinboro University. Here is a 360 degree panorama of his senior show 360 degree panorama of his senior show. (You will need to download quicktime if you don't have it) Dietrich recently sold this life-size cold-cast bronze figure here in Houston. See also a (fairly large) Quicktime 3D Image

HP-Houston Marathon 2003 Pictures

Click on thumbnail to see pictures.

Houston Flood, June 9, 2001

These pictures were taken very close to my home, behind the University of Houston campus in the University Oaks neighborhood. Our house was untouched because it was about six feet above the highest water. By that evening the water was back down to normal. Picture credits: Gene and Carol Antill.
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Flood1 Flood2 Flood3 Flood4 Flood5


Tim Wegner

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